Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm going to Tokyo

And no, I'm not driving a big yellow truck there. I'm flying. On a plane. I'm going for work.

travelzoo_logo[1].gifWhich means I have a job. Woo-hoo! I accepted a job earlier this week as editor of, the travel deals company best known for its weekly Top 20 deals newsletter. If you don't subscribe, you should. 

We've got lots of ideas for building out the site, and I'm really excited about the job. I start next Thursday.  But right off the bat, I'm going to Tokyo for a conference with the editors of the international versions of the site, as well as the newsletter publishers.  I'm looking forward to some amazing sushi, and hopefully getting to a baseball game while I'm there. I'll be there from July 23-27, so check back here for updates on the trip.

My job search was really interesting. At first, I looked at newspapers. When I was in New York in April, I interviewed with a handful of newspapers and magazines, but they were mostly informational interviews without actual open positions. The only paper with an open position was Newsday, and they offered me a job as a local news editor. It was a lower position and less money than I had in Los Angeles, and it would have been an ugly commute to Long Island, so I turned it down.

When I got back to LA, I expanded my search to companies that were in the web publishing business but not necessarily journalism.  I saw the Travelzoo listing on Craigslist, I believe, and had a few phone interviews with them before I got here. My first week back here, I had interviews lined up my first week with Travelzoo, Kickapps (a social networking software company) and NBC. All very different jobs.

Travelzoo and NBC were at the top of the list, and Travelzoo solidified that position when I interviewed with Ralph Bartel, their CEO.  We had a great conversation, and I was excited about his vision for where the company is heading. 

NBC had a few positions open. They at first considered me for an online news editor job in their Local Media division, and then Managing Editor of NBC is putting together a great team, and I love their digital strategy. Had they made a competitive offer against Travelzoo, I would've had to do some serious thinking. But the timing didn't work out - Travelzoo made the offer and needed an answer, and WNBC couldn't come back with an offer quickly enough.  That made the decision easy - the Travelzoo gig has so much potential, though, and I'm really, really excited about.

So two weeks of stress are over. I'm no longer unemployed.  And I'm going to have some damn good sushi..

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