Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Back: The 18th Annual Glimm Memorial NCAA Basketball Pool

Welcome to the 18th Annual Glimm Memorial NCAA Basketball Pool! The
games begin in just 4 days, so don't wait - fill out your bracket now.
As you know, the Glimm Memorial is the premiere NCAA Tournament Pool,
and the only pool named for Alma Glimm. For $5, the Glimm Memorial
guarantees three weeks of entertainment. So hurry up -- click here to fill out your bracket. 

More details on The Glimm:

WHAT: The 18th Annual Glimm Memorial NCAA Basketball Tournament

HOW: Go to and fill out a bracket, then either give me $5 cash, or paypal me the
money (if paypaling, send $5.50 to cover Paypal's charges).

HOW MUCH: Five bucks per entry. I just said that. Pay attention. And yes, you can enter more than once.

THE PAYOUT: The winner gets
70% of the
pot, runner-up 20% and third-place person 10%.  And if you finish dead
last, you get your five bucks back.  Twenty books is coming out of the
pot to pay for the software that I use (it's worth it, trust me), and I give myself 2 free entries.

SCORING: It's a 1-2-4-8-12-16
scoring system with upset points. So that means that you get one point
for picking a game correctly in the first round, two points in the
second round, etc.  Any time you correctly pick a team seeded 9 through
16 to win a game, you get bonus points (1 point for a nine seed, 2 for
a 10, all the way up to 8 for a 16 seed) - so it pays to take risks.

WHY GLIMM? The pool is named for Alma Glimm, my 11th grade math teacher.

AGAIN, WHY GLIMM? Because Mrs. Glimm represents everything that is good about
an NCAA tournament pool - she proved that anybody can win these
office pools. Knowledge of college basketball is irrelevant, and we all
have a chance. 

When I was in 11th grade, this pool was in its fifth year. In
math class one day, I was passing out brackets, getting people to sign
up, when Mrs. Glimm swooped in. "Gambling in school?" she said
incredulously. "You can't gamble in school!"  Undeterred, I explained
to her that no money was changing hands, and it was just for fun - yes,
I lied.  All of the sudden, Mrs. Glimm perked up. "Really?" she said.
"Can I try?" So I handed her a bracket.

Mrs. Glimm, who had no knowledge of college basketball and had
never participated in a pool before, finished in first place. Of
course, because she didn't think there was money involved, she got a
nice pat on the back, and the runner-up took the cash.

I'm not certain that Mrs. Glimm is actually dead. But she was pretty
old when I was in 11th grade, so there's a good chance.  Actually, I
don't even know if her first name is Alma. But it sounds right.

You have 2 options: Give me cash in person, or send it via Paypal to
If you're paying via Paypal, you must pay $5.50 to cover Paypal's fees.
And if you don't pay, I send my goons after you to break your arm. Only
one arm. I may be nice and make it your weak arm, if I'm in a good mood.

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