Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rain, rain, go away


So we just saw a report on CNN about the flooding in Indiana, with images like the one above (an AP photo, not ours), in Indianapolis. And the storm which flooded the entire state of Indiana is now heading to St. Louis, they say. Which is a little scary, because we're supposed to drive to St. Louis on Tuesday, then drive through Indianapolis on Wednesday.

So we're calling an audible. Our original route had us going from Palm Springs to New Mexico to Oklahoma City to St. Louis to Pittsburgh to New York. Now, instead of heading north from Oklahoma City, we're going to stay south and drive through Arkansas and Tennessee, then head north through Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Hopefully, we'll stay dry and avoid any tornadoes. 

Here's the new itinerary:
Sunday night: Grants, New Mexico
Monday night: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tuesday night: Jackson, Tennessee
Wednesday night: Roanoke, Virginia
Thursday: Arrive in New York

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