Friday, June 6, 2008


Welcome to Big Yellow Truck, a blog about, you guessed it, a big yellow truck. Except it's really about more than that. It's about the cross-country journey of me, my wonderful wife and our five-month-old puppy, who are moving from Los Angeles to New York in a Penske truck. Yes, it's big and yellow - 26 feet long, and trailing a car to boot.

Right now, we're in Palm Springs, stop one on this journey.  We're here for a wedding, and we'll spend two nights here before heading to Grants, New Mexico. I'll post tomorrow with details of the first leg of our trip, complete with photos. So check back then, and throughout this week-long adventure. And who knows, maybe Big Yellow Truck will morph into a blog about life as  young couple in New York City, and keep more than a week-long shelf-life. 

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